Anyone else require UTM Parameters to be integrated?

Anyone else running into the issue of needing the UTM parameter fields to be passed via your integration but since the std1, std2, custom fields cannot be blocked from being utilized on other webinars we run the risk of passing data into those fields that are not UTM parameters.

Any good solutions for passing UTM parameters to your MAP that I may be overlooking?

Appreciate any insight!

I think the solution is to “dedicate” specific custom fields to certain purposes. That is, use specfic fields for UTM data on all your programs and nothing else and designate other fields as fields that will be used “flexibly” for different data on different programs.

Hi Osman,

Thanks for the insight - is that how you are leveraging UTM data today? It just seems odd that it isn’t standard given UTM parameters are crucial in data reporting for all platforms.


No. Actually, we are aggregating the various UTM values into the personref field. But, generally, if you want to collect a piece of data through your forms on a regular basis, you should dedicate a specific field for the purpose of collecting that data point and always use that field for that purpose. (Keeps your data orderly and connecting any integration simpler.)

Then you have your remaining fields to work with in any way you want from webcast to webcast.

But I would suggest that the best thing you could do is see if you can arrange for a call with a ON24 integration specialist and see if they can’t provide some direction for you based on your needs. (So that you know what you’re doing is best practices.)

Osman - thanks for the insights! Yeah makes total sense we need to leverage the custom fields.

Thanks again!

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Very welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: